CAPDE invites you to a poetic walk through mathematics

“Nice Concepts- a poetic walk through mathematics” , the educational video supported by Capde and produced by  the Department of Mathematical Engineering of Universidad de Chile, is already available on youtube.  It explains different mathemtical notions, for instance, Brachistochrone curve or Geodesic.  These concepts are presented by professors of the Departament. Two of them are Manuel del Pino and Claudio Muñoz, CAPDE´s researchers too. They talked about the heat equation, which studies how temperature vary deppending how far or how close the energy source is. This area of study is very useful to understand mutiple phenomen, such as the temperature in a room or tumors. That is because the behaviour of the heat, which is known as thermal diffusivity , is always part of the nature. This instructional video is conducted by professor Cristián Warnken.